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First Night in Charlotte.

All Moved In And Tryon To Get Sushi

We moved in on a Thursday and decided to get takeout or delivery.  We landed on sushi after filter through types of food we wanted, who delivers, how long of a wait we’d need to expect, etc. We landed on a takeout- and delivery-only sushi place that had rave reviews. It was off of Tryon St. in Uptown.

We were less than 4 miles away, so we thought we would be fine to order online for delivery. Within minutes, we got a call that it would be about an hour. After we agreed to that, they told us that they do not deliver beyond 3 miles and we were 5 miles.  We kept the order and I agreed to go grab it. This is when the GPS told me that we lived 3.2 miles away...which is not 5 miles. But, that didn't matter at this point. I was on my way to figure out this city and how easy it would be to pick up food in Uptown.  

I drove in pretty quickly and as I reached Tryon St. and my destination was on the left, I couldn't stop and there was no opening on my side of the road to park. I decided to go down a street or two and make a loop back facing the other way. This is what things got real.

I drove in and out of downtown finding out that many of the streets are one way. Not only that, when I finally got back to Tryon and my GPS said, “turn right on South Tryon Street,” the street signs read that I couldn't turn right or left. So, I was headed straight away from the intended point, yet again.

Five loops around Uptown later, I gave up and found a metered parking spot. I figured it would be cheaper than driving for an hour and it was. It was free for that evening. Sweet! Jackpot! Someone knew I was having a rough evening. 

As I was walking to get the sushi, they called to make sure I was on the way because they were closing in a few minutes.  I made it with 30 seconds to spare and I have to say, I think the sushi was worth it. 

So, what have we learned today, Taryn? If you’re tryin’ to get to Tryon to pick up food, you better have two people: one to pick up and one to drive around in circles. Otherwise, bank on parking farther out and add time to hoof it to and from.